21 Nov 2012 Computing, Hardware, Mobile, Software »

Jolla SailfishJolla, a small start-up developing an OS based on MeeGo, have unveiled their efforts at an event in Helsinki by showing new Sailfish OS, which was running on a smartphone. » Continue Reading… »

20 Nov 2012 Audio, Hardware, Mobile »

Sony Music Unlimited logoGood news for PlayStation Plus members, Sony has for a limited time drastically lowered the subscription price of its Music Unlimited service to just $12 for a years pass. » Continue Reading… »

19 Nov 2012 Business, Games, Hardware »

Nintendo WII UThe new gaming console from Nintendo went on sale at midnight with reports telling of stores selling out after fans waited outside before stores opened their doors. » Continue Reading… »

14 Nov 2012 Software, Visual, Web »

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7Microsoft is not totally forgetting about Win7 in its excitement over Win8 as it has released version 10 of IE, bringing it level with the version on Win8. » Continue Reading… »

13 Nov 2012 Audio, Software, Visual, Web »

Mozilla Popcorn MakerThe new tool from Mozilla is set to make videos alot more interactive and informative as with it you can add dynamic data atop of the base video. » Continue Reading… »

9 Nov 2012 Computing, Hardware »

Samsung Pro 840 SSD with free Assassins III CreedSamsung will include a voucher code to download Assassin’s Creed III free for a limited time if you buy the pro version of the SSD. » Continue Reading… »

8 Nov 2012 Software, Visual, Web »

Instagram web profiles introducedThe photo sharing social network, bought by Facebook not so long ago has finally made the transition from mobile only to now include web interaction. » Continue Reading… »

7 Nov 2012 Computing, Software »

Windows Live MessengerThe past few days rumors where rife that Windows Live Messenger would be phased out; today Microsoft has announced and confirmed that is indeed what will happen. » Continue Reading… »

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