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US government filing registers new Google Glass 2.0

31 December 2015

Google Glass 2.0

New pictures emerge of the second iteration of Google Glass wearable display device.

Google has been quiet about the device since back in January 2015, but did promise that it was not entirely axed and now it seems that it may once again reappear. The first model and feedback, plus time off, gave the search giant much needed chance to improve on various issues it had with the previous Glass device. Costing around $1,500 it did not obviously garner alot of attraction to buy, but the ones that did, reported on the screen size being too small and also the inadequate battery life.

The new version appears to be hinged so that the screen can be folded back up and also a foldable arm. Potential users can also look forward bigger battery, better camera and faster processor, with the current inclination being that it will be Intel Atom flavoured.

Google Glass 2.0 US Filing

According a users manual published along with the filing, Google is aiming the Glass 2.0 for the enterprise market rather than a consumer one, for e.g.  electronic health records, museums, manufacturing and healthcare. Google has bought in Tony Fadell, the founder of the smart home thermostat Nest, to lead the new development. There maybe a HUD device for consumers if all goes well with Glass 2.0, but so far Google has been very quiet with everything to do with the device, though it could re-launch at the Google I/O event in May 2016.

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