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Thin and flexible as paper tablet PaperTab debuts at CES

8 January 2013

PaperTab by Plastic LogicUK based Plastic Logic have revealed a 10inch tablet which feels and bends just like paper called the PaperTab at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas. As manufacturers are always trying to lower the weight and bulkiness of tablets, this new device could be the way many will go if it proves to be successful.

PaperTab is made from flexible plastic with E-Ink, engineered by Plastic Logic, featuring a 10.7 inch touch enabled screen and powered by Intel core i5 processor. It feels like and can be held like a paper book or magazine, and is naturally robust, being able to withstand drops or thrown around.

Plastic Logic PaperTab display

Plastic Logic say that the tablet is made to run one app at a time rather than the usual setting of having many apps running and switching between them. Instead the way is to Have more than one PaperTab with a single app on each, to create sort of a ‘book’ with each tablet interacting with the others. Information can be shared by tapping them together, or a large display can be made by joining side by side. If reading an ebook on the device users can change pages simply giving a slight bend to the screen.

PaperTab display

The company behind the paper tablet would like the device to one day replace paper documents as it will hold thousands on one tablet without the need for a monitor and be more economical.

Plastic Logic did not say when the PaperTab will go on sale or what the expected price range would be.

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