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Augment web video with Mozilla’s new tool Popcorn Maker

13 November 2012

Mozilla Popcorn MakerThe new tool from Mozilla is set to make videos alot more interactive and informative as with it you can add dynamic data atop of the base video.The software called Popcorn Maker can bring in images, text and sound from around the web to enhance any video, and was first developed last year at the MozFest. This is the major update and release version 1.0 and ready for use by the general public. Popcorn Maker is made with people who have no coding skills in mind as the whole editing takes place inside a web browser. A good thing is that the layout of the online tool is very similar to any time based editing software, so people who have used something like Adobe Flash or Final Cut will be able to get up to speed quite quickly. Click here to get started with making your own video with augmented data. Popcorn Maker will pull in any video from Youtube, Vimeo, audio from online resources and also any image or text. Tweets can be embedded which auto update through the use of a hash tag and shows any new tweets recieved in real time.

Mozilla Popcorn Maker online

There is also the ability to mix, pause, skip certain points and loop video at any place a user wishes. The finished video can then be shared or embedded on the web. Popcorn Maker is based on HTML5 of which Mozilla is a big proponent of the open web standard. HTML5 video is one of the new tags and it is because of the fact it is a tag, it can interact with web pages and code in much the same way other tags can.

Popcorn Maker will sure to be used in some new exciting and imaginative ways to enhance video display. A good example is extended TV shows with extra information about what the user is watching and interacting via Twitter or live audience feedback etc. Below is a clip of how Popcorn Maker can be used to augment a video.

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