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Free Assassins Creed III with Samsungs 840 Pro SSDs

9 November 2012

Samsung Pro 840 SSD with free Assassins III CreedSamsung will include a voucher code to download Assassin’s Creed III free for a limited time if you buy the pro version of the SSD. Any of size drive will include the free download, 128 GB, 256 GB or the 512 GB. The 840 Pro range are the high end drives from Samsung, targetted towards gamers and professionals who do lots of video editing etc. “Our new 840 Pro SSDs allow gamers to experience the ultimate in gaming performance by booting their systems quickly, and loading games and other apps in a flash,” said Mike Abary, Senior Vice President, Consumer Business Division IT Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “We’re excited to offer Assassin’s Creed III to gaming fans with the new 840 Pro SSD, which should make for a real improvement in gameplay.”

The drive is built for fast processing and can handle well any major game thrown at it. Its ideal for laptops due to its small power footprint and is  2.5inch in size. Read speeds are 540 MB/s for sequential and 100,000 IOPS for random reading ability. Performance of 400 Mbps using Toggle DDR2 flash memory is achieved with SATA 6.0 and a triple-core MDX controller. The prices for the 840 Pro range from $200 for the smaller capacity to $700 for 512GB.

Assassins Creed III

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