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Microsoft getting sued over its Live Tiles in Windows 8

1 November 2012

Windows 8 Live TilesJust days after the big launch of the next version of it OS, Windows 8, Microsoft is having to deal with a lawsuit bought on by a small company which says that they own the patents to the ‘Live Tiles’. SurfCast say that Microsoft is infringing one of four patents relating to the Live Tiles interface, specifically patent  No. 6,724,403. The complainant was filed yesterday at the  U.S. District Court of Maine accusing the Redmond based giant of “…Microsoft infringes the ‘403 patent by making, using, selling, and offering to selldevices and software products covered by the ’403 patent including operating systems for personal computers, phones, tablet devices, and other hardware, mobile devices…” This basically covers all new Windows 8 devices and iterations of the OS and the earlier Windows Mobile 7. SurfCast said its had developed and applied for a patent for Live Tiles that are “dynamically updating icons”  placed on the screen and can be updated independently showing users new tweets, news, music playing and other notifications. The patent was originally applied for in October 2000 and granted in April 2004 and according to SurfCast, Microsoft was aware of this when it patented its own. To this SurfCast are seeking damages and allege that through the Windows 8 Store other developers are taking advantage of their intellectual property. Microsoft said through a spokesman that “we will prove to the court that these claims are without merit and that Microsoft has created a unique user experience.”

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