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Kickstarter to launch in the UK on October 31st

15 October 2012

Kickstarter UKThe crowd funding site that helps inventors to raise cash for their products, games, apps, etc will be coming to the UK by the end of the month.Kickstarter has seen much paticipation by fans of new designs of anything from watches, games consoles to games, stage shows and music instruments, since starting in mid 2009. Projects are placed in one of 13 categories and 36 subcategories, such as Art, Comics, Dance, Games, Technology etc. Its been a great option for new startups, looking to get financial backing that would otherwise be difficult to get from traditional routes. Up until now it has only been open for users in the US, where is has made some impressive mile stones. Upto October 10th there have been 73,620 launched projects having grossed some $381 million. The most funded project so far was the Pebble E-Paper Watch which managed to source just over $10 million by the end of its funding period. The second highest was the new open sourced gaming console called ‘Ouya’ running Anrdoid 4.0 OS.

Although Kickstarter UK is to launch later on in the month, the company has made the actual registering of projects earlier so that creators can be well prepared for the 31st; “…people in the UK can get started building their projects by clicking on the “Start a new project” button on the Start page and selecting the UK as their country. When we’re ready for projects to launch on October 31, we’ll send an email letting them know that they can hit the launch button whenever they’re ready”, the company blog said. Both UK and US projects will be running on the same site and the  system of funding and starting projects is also the same. Backers from around the world can pledge toward projects in UK projects where the currency shown will be in pound sterling (£), but is converted to US dollars just before completing a funding. Unlike for projects from the US where money is sent through Amazon Payments, for the UK Kickstarter will be taking pledges directly from its own website, with a 5% fee for successful campaigns.

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