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Browser rivals team up to create free web developing guide

9 October 2012

Web Platform Docs logoThe main four browser operators, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera got together to form a wiki for helping developers make apps for the open web. These four plus the likes of Adobe, Apple, Facebook, HP, Nokia and Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) put aside their differences to make an open wiki called “Web Platform Docs” that will be free for anyone to improve and contribute. The wiki hopes to have in one central places where developers can come to in search of help for making apps and games for the different browsers and platforms. As Google product manager Alex Komoroske said in a blog post, “You often need to search across various websites and blogs to learn how certain technologies can be used.” Many times a website, app or game has to be re-coded to suit the various browsers, with optimising and looking for solutions taking a huge amount of time. On the Web Platform Docs wiki developers can work together to eliminate bugs, create new software and standards that works on all platforms and lower development costs and associated time to deliver.

Ian Jacobs, the head of communications for the W3C said that each of the browser makers will be funding the new wiki site, but didn’t go into detail about what each will be contributing, and Google adding, “We don’t disclose any financial terms or details, but in regards to maintenance of the site, the community and some people from the stewards organizations will continue to work on and monitor the site.” Jacobs also noted that its official stance is not to punish or moderate a user who claims one particular software or app is better than one from a competing vendor and another member disagrees. As its still in alpha stage the content is still low from most vendors but Microsoft has got the ball rolling by donating 3,200 articles from its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) archives.

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