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UK to get first Google Credit Card for using on AdWords

8 October 2012

Google AdWords Business Credit CardFrom Monday October 8th businesses in the UK  can apply for a Google Credit Card with which they can use to buy AdWords for online ads.

The card, known officially as “Google AdWords Business Credit” will have a variable 11.9% APR representative which the company hopes will attract more buyers particular small to medium sized businesses, if they do not have the money upfront but can pay it off later. The SMB even though most if not all have online presence, are still under spending for internet advertising. Revenues for Google in the second quarter, which is mostly from online advertising, was $10.96 billion making an increase of 21% form the year before, and in the UK it was $1.18 billion, equating to 11% of the quarter. But this is almost the same as the previous year, likely due to the state of the global economy.

The card from Google will be backed by Barclays Bank and BarclayCard in the UK and be on the MasterCard network. A similar approach to the funding of buying ads was trailed early in the year in the US with some successful outcomes with Google saying on the blog that, “In a survey conducted after the pilot launched, 74% of respondents said they now use AdWords Business Credit as their primary form of AdWords payment.” The Credit Card is starting out proper in the UK and then will launch in the US later in the month where the APR is expected to be from range from 8.99% to 18.99% with Comenity Capital Bank to issue the cards. Other regions may also get to use the card, but its not known yet which those are. In order to apply for the card, the SMB would need to have received an invitation from Google, so not all will be able to use the credit facility. The main part of the application is taking care of on Barclays Bank website.

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