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Firefox Metro for Windows 8 now available for preview

5 October 2012

firefox metroMozilla has just let released a version of its web browser for Windows 8 called Firefox Metro which is users can test out now. It is currently in very early beta stage so there will some bugs to flush out and Mozilla is asking its users and developer community to help test out the software and to give feedback on its performance. Mozilla Firefox Metro web browser can be downloaded from here. It has been quietly worked on for some months and its designed and built from scratch just for Windows 8. So it will be more in tuned with the completely new Windows 8 tile interface design as well as having the classic browsing mode. The Metro version is Firefox 18 which includes both desktop and Metro styles, while the normal desktop Firefox is version 15.

firefox metro tabs

The biggest difference between the two is that Firefox Metro is more tuned for touch and swipe gesture control. The interface is also of the simplistic look of Windows 8 tiles, recent visited pages in the middle, right-side  has the downloads and on the left are the bookmarks, with Mozilla dubbing the look, “Asutralis Interface“. Other features include keyboard shortcuts, sharing data between other Metro apps, syncing with Firefox desktop and a box at the top to type in searches or URL. As this is the early release there are many unfinished details of the software, like not supporting Flash but should still give a good feel of the end product.

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