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Microsoft gives free Windows 8 Tablet to all of its employees

15 September 2012

Microsoft gives free Windows 8 Surface tablet to employeesAll 90,000 of Microsoft’s full time employees have had a nice surprise in that they will revice free Windows 8 Surface Tablet. It was announced by Chief Executive Steve Ballmer at the annual staff meeting in Seattle’s KeyArena, which was attended by 15,000 but closed to the general public. Being in a generous mood, all full time 90,000 or so employees will get free Windows 8 Surface tablet, Windows 8 phone and a touch enabled Windows 8 PC. The tablet and phone can be used both at home and work, while the touch PC is for work only. This gesture is a further move to rally the whole company to be ready for the busy few months ahead. Microsoft is quickly increasing the rate at which all PCs used at the company are upgraded to running Windows 8, in time for the official launch of the new OS on October 26th. Giving out these items will be a good way to showcase the features and get family and friends interested in them in a kind of free way as they are upgrading anyway.

Chief Executive Steve Ballmer of Microsoft at annual company meeting

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