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Spotify to release web app soon

11 September 2012

SpotifySpotify, the Swedish streaming music service is preparing to launch a web based client app soon that will enable it to reach a even bigger audience. Since starting in October 2008 Spotify has been gaining popularity for streaming music, but unlike its rivals the service is only so far accessed by a desktop and mobile client. It is available in most West European countries, Australia, New Zealand and also just recently in the US with versions for  free ad sported and paid premium editions. Currently, as of August 2012, there are 15 million total users with 4 million of them paying a monthly subscription of $4.99 or $9.99 depending on the level of features taken.

The new web app should make it easier to play music whence clicking on a Spotify link, which currently requires the desktop app to be installed, but with the web app it will play straight away in the browser and it will be simpler to embed on social network such as Facebook. There is also talk of the app having more discovery features to find music from users and famous people. Despite all this the Spotify will still encourage the desktop client to be used as it has more integrated items, like being able to cache played songs for playback when there is no internet connection. Look out for the web client sometime in October.

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