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Amazon launches new set of Kindle devices

7 September 2012

Kindle HDAmazon unveiled a new upgrade to its original Kindle e-reader and two new HD versions at a launch event yesterday in Santa Monica, California. The Kindle from 2011 has a memory upgrade which is now upto 1GB of RAM, a bigger battery and new processor which Amazon say is 44% faster than the predecessor, plus it will have a drop in price of about $40 to now $159. Kindle has had a 22% share of the tablet market in the US, where it was the only region to be released in.

Amazon launch event for Kindles Fire

The kindle HD is running on a Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 dual-core processor and features a HD front camera, HDMI out, dual speakers with Dolby sound, Bluetooth, MIMO two Wi-fi antennas for better wireless internet reception and a customized Google Android OS. The Kindle HD comes in two sizes both with IPS LCD display; 7 inch 1280×800 screen with 16GB of storage, and an 8.9 inch 1920×1200 screen that achieves a pixel density of 254 ppi available in 16GB or 32GB for the $G model. The 8.9 inch version is  currently only for the US market. The 7inch Kindles HD is shipped from Sept 14th priced at $199 and the 8.9 inch from Nov 25th priced at $299 (4G is $499), though Amazon will begin taking pre-orders quite soon.

Kindle apps

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