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Microsoft unveils new logo in run up to Windows 8 launch

24 August 2012

New Microsoft logo 2012Microsoft revealed a new corporate logo design ahead of the wave of launches from the Seattle based tech giant. The last logo change was 25 years ago,when Microsoft were about to release the 2nd version of Windows OS. Now this is the 5th time that the logo has been changed, gone are the Bold Italic font and the wavy Windows flag, and in its place a more modern straight font called ‘Segoe’ in medium grey plus a more square red, green, blue, yellow Windows symbol making it a contemporary and sleek design. Its also in touch with the new interface of Windows 8, due to be out on October 26,  where programs and apps are represented as tiles on the screen. The reaction to the changed logo has been mixed, but leaning towards the thumbs up side.

new microsoft logo

Microsoft’s Jeff Hansen tells the Seattle Times that the logo will,  “signal the heritage but also signal the future — a newness and freshness.” Adding that it may take some time to reach throughout the companies products and software. A short video ident of the new logo made by Microsoft can be seen in the video below.

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