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Jury to decide on Apple v Samsung case

23 August 2012

Apple v SamsungJurors are on the second day of deliberating  in the multibillion dollar patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung.This follows a 3 week trial in the courts of San Jose, California, where Apple is accusing Samsung of using its patents without authorization and of copying the design of their iPhone and iPad devices. Now its down to the jurors of 7 men and 2 women who resisde in the Silicon Valley area to decide the outcome of the bitter and expensive legal battle.

Judge Lucy Koh has given a 109 page instruction to the jurors who must fill out a 20 page form having 33 questions once they reach a verdict, which legal experts are saying is, “…incredibly complicated.” Apple is asking them to be awarded $2.5 billion for Samsung using the designs of its iPhone and iPad; Samsung in return would like to be awarded $399 million claiming that Apple had used its 3G technology without proper permission.

The verdict is going to be a major point in both companies and have further implications which ever way it goes. Apple and Samsung together have roughly half the smartphone market, with Samsung having half of the Android market and interestingly Samsung is also Apples largest supplier for components needed to build its own devices. Any verdict is expected to take sometime to be reached considering the amount of money and numerous patents involved to go over.

Apple and Samsung smartphones

Apple and Samsung in court

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