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Google implements traffic alerts for its SEO service

21 August 2012

Google Webmaster Tools logoGoogle Webmasters Tools has a new feature that will alert publishers if there are any sudden or unexpected changes to their website traffic and click-throughs.The changes were announced on its Webmasters Central blog. It will give users of the service a notification of incoming search queries that are coming in and detail such as the impressions and click rates. Most websites have a normal high and low values of the pages with a usual pattern and any major changes could be due to attacks or a technical fault with the website host.

Javier Tordable, Tech Lead at Google Webmaster Tools, wrote in the blog post, ” It can be time consuming to analyze all the data and identify the most important issues. To make it a little bit easier we’ve been incorporating alerts into Webmaster Tools. We process the data for your site and try to detect the events that could be most interesting for you.”

Google Webmaster Traffic Alert

This latest addition should make it that little bit easier to spot anything that may need attention from the publishers. The alert can be seen from logging into the Google Webmaster and checking the dashboard for any error messages. Webmaster Tools can also be set to send out an email to the publisher of any alerts in traffic change.

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