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Gift Cards coming soon to Google Play

17 August 2012

google play gift cardIt look likes at long last Google will start selling gift cards for its Play Store for purchasing apps, books, movies etc, something customers have long asked for.A photo of the shrink wrapped Google Play Gift Card has been circulating online with the store logo. Website AndroidPolice was the first to notice an update of Google Play app now supporting Gift Cards and then soon later got hold of the photo of the actual card. The gift card is similar in style to Apple iTunes gift cards and should make it easier for people who do not want to store a credit on file with Google but have wished to buy something from the Play Store. Another group who will be happy with the news are kids and teenagers that didn’t have the means to buy the latest favorite game or app as thus far a credit card was needed to fund the online account.

The gift cards seen are of $10 and $25 value, for which the user can add credit to their Google Play account and spend when and as they wish on the store. With the recently released Google Nexus priced at just above breakeven for the company in terms of profit, the gift cards are a good way to increase spending on its online store for more revenue. A wish list that Google is implementing that can be seen by friends and family also makes it simpler for them to use the Gift Cards to buy desired items as birthday gift or other special occasion etc. Google has yet to announce the new features, the date of going live with the cards or in which regions.

google play gift card 
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