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32GB SSD hard drive from Crucial priced low at $50

1 August 2012

Crucial has just launched a very low priced SSD HD at just $50 for 32GB in their value range.

SSD (solid state drives) hard drives are fairly expensive compared to spinning hard disk drives per GB, especially when first they first came to market. Now Crucial, the brand name of Micron Technology, Inc., makers of semi-conductor devies have just released one which could be the cheapest yet, being priced at $50 for a 32GB version.

These V4 SSDs are slightly slower than the m4 version, though they still pack speeds of up to 230 MB/s and write speeds of up to 190 MB/s using SATA 2-connections to the motherboard. A 32GB should be enough to boot and run the OS from while having another HD for user files, giving a good overall speed boost with with faster booting and quicker application loading. The other models available are 64GB for $70, 128GB for $100 and 256GB for $190. The physical size of the SSD is 2.5inch, so they won’t in ultrabooks, but should be alright for normal laptops and PCs.

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