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Samsung sells double number of iPhones

26 July 2012

Samsung vs AppleDuring the second quarter, Samsung managed to have a shipment number worldwide of 52.1 million smartphones which is double the number of iPhones sold in the same period. The report complied by Juniper Research also said that Samsung easily outsold RIM’s BlackBerry 7.4 million shipments and Nokia’s 10.2 million smartphones worldwide, (though Juniper point out that ‘shipment’ means different to some companies, for iPhone it means actual sales).

iPhone vs Galaxy

The two, Samsung and Apple have been locked in bitter court battles of late, trying to stop inports into certains regions and/or billion dollar settlements. Lower numbers of iPhones sold could also be due to the fact that most people who owned or bought the iPhone 4 decieded not to upgrade to the 4S version as the specs where not too different and holding out for the next. Also they would have been in long contracts with carriers. The up coming iPhone 5 in the next few months will be the one to watch as then most users will have ended their contracts and look to whether or not get a new iPhone with a bigger screen, plus they are getting used to Apples product life cycle and keeping up date about whats happeneing surrounding the iPhone.

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