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Microsoft tells more of Windows Store

21 July 2012

Its getting closer to the release of the next version of Windows and Microsoft have released more information regarding Windows Store for developers to offer their apps and how it will tie in with Windows 8 tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Announcing on their blog Microsoft say apps can be set priced between minimum of $1.49 to the maximum of $999.99, so there is no ‘$0.99 apps’ avaiable as there are on other platforms. Windows is offering a 70% split of profit to app makers, rising to 80% if the app earns more than $25,000 via app price, ads, in-app purchase etc, and paying out once the earnings have reached $200. Of course these amounts will be subject to regional variations and automatically converted to local currency.

Devs are also able to offer a 7 day trial of their app, after which the user can purchase the app outright, the reasoning behind it according to Microsoft is that users are 5 times more likely to after a ‘try before you buy’. Apps can also show ads and be free to download.

Apps will only be available to get from Metro style Store, although there will be a web catalog for browsing and search engines to index. Clicking on a ‘Buy’ button will take the user to Metro Store if the user is running Windows 8. Internet Explorer will also allow a link to be added that takes user straight from a developers site to the App Store in Windows. App makers are also free to choose a pay platform of their choice if they wish to by pass Microsofts own platform.

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